Instructor Biography: Charles Truxillo
Dr. Charles Truxillo was born in 1953 in Albuquerque, of a Mexican and Chicano family. He attended grade school in the barrio of East San Jose in Albuquerque, and high school in Belen. Dr. Truxillo studied to be a Roman Catholic priest in California and in Rome. His doctoral degree was earned at UNM in Latin American and Asian history. For six years he taught at Highlands University, and for the past ten years he was faculty in the Chicano Studies Department at UNM. Currently he is a researcher at the university’s Center for Regional Studies. He has a loyal following of Osher members and teaches extensively through UNM Continuing Education, including courses for both Growth and Enrichment and the Story of New Mexico program. Dr. Truxillo has published three books – History of Islam – By the Sword and the Cross – Periods of World History: A Latin American Perspective ... And is currently working on a book about the Moro Wars in the Philippines.
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